What Others Say

We don't worry about money, there are a lot of things we do not have to think about any longer. We trust Dean is working in our best interest, on our behalf. Lastly, we also feel accountable to Dean, which is not a bad thing, a gentle nudge.

Gary & Devray
Professionals, clients since 1992

Dean and his Values-Based Financial Planning process helped my wife and I become focused on our short-term and long-term financial, non-financial and life goals. We were finally able to scope out what we desired. Dean and his team of specialists also coordinated the process to make it as smooth and simple for us to work through.

At this point, we finally have confidence in the direction we are going and look forward to continuing to work with Dean to achieve our goals. I highly recommend connecting with Dean if this is what you are looking for.

Mark & Jillian
Professionals, clients since 2017

Our money is more controlled, we have direction and peace of mind since someone is watching the herd. We can see there is a destination and a reason to believe we will get there.

Allan & Georgette
Retired, clients since 2010

I don't know how to put it into words… the impact, knowing the reality that we can live our values and achieve our most important goals. We are now in our comfort zone and "on track" as a result of working with Dean and his team.

Dean is easy to talk to and has a defined process to hold us accountable and move us forward to actualizing what is most important to us. He put a smile on my face. We have no stress in our lives and all our affairs have been dramatically simplified.

Bob & Brenda
Clients since 2017

Dean Kendall is a financial organizer with integrity & knowledge. He is more concerned with helping his clients create their future than in just peddling products.

Self-employed, client since 2007

My husband and I had the opportunity to meet with Dean last week. During the time we had together, it was obvious that Dean had conscientiously prepared for our time together, asking all the right questions and then he listened….and listened. A sign of a caring professional who truly wants to help not only our financial situation but our lives.

We came away with many incredibly helpful ideas that we hadn't considered. His background and experience are invaluable and now it's onward and upward! I truly believe that people come into our lives for a reason and I want to thank Dean for being in ours.

Stress Management Expert, Humorist, Musician - June 2015

Working with Dean provides….Peace of mind, makes me feel secure and happy knowing I can do the things I want to do and help the people I want to help.

Retired, client since 2009