Investors are Completely Unaware

Investors Are Completely Unaware

In my interactions with savers and investors who seek my advice, I have observed with overwhelming consistency that the vast majority of people are completely unaware of all the hidden fees that are buried in the financial products they own. Some even tell me that there is no fee, it’s free! (Almost never true!) This continued theme of lack of transparency is evidenced in a recent Globe and Mail article (January 2018) "Canadians still in the dark about investment fees despite major changes in disclosures" - Clare O’Hara – Wealth Management reporter

"I have never met a prospect who can clearly articulate what their fees are."

I recently facilitated a workshop "Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees" to provide value and clarity to the community. A complimentary offering to attendees is the creation of a "Truth in Fees Transparency Report". The sole purpose of this report is to clearly outline the TOTAL FEES paid within an investment and the massive IMPACT these fees have towards the achievement of your goals.

A few weeks ago at the workshop I met a couple working with a well-known brokerage with investments of approximately $2.5M. After completing their "Truth in Fee Transparency Report" we determined they were paying over $51,000 /year in fees for Money Management only. We illustrated how they could easily reduce their fees to $27,998/year (annual savings of $23,466).

Alternative - YOUR Opportunity

How much are your investment fees and how are they impacting the achievement of your goals?

As a result of the continued lack of fiduciary standards in the financial services industry I was inspired to write my latest book "Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees". The purpose of the book is to help you become better informed about the investment industry and to understand the impact of hidden fees on your ability to reach your financial goals.

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