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Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees!

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees!: How To Get Unbiased Advice For The Right Fee So You Can Reach Your Financial Goals Years Earlier

by Dean C. Kendall

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Review # 1 - Review by Anne-Marie Reynolds

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! How To Get Unbiased Advice For The Right Fee So You Can Reach Your Financial Goals Years Earlier by Dean C. Kendall tells us how to educate ourselves and learn how hidden fees stop us from reaching our goals. If you can learn how to find and avoid these fees, you can potentially retire much earlier than you would have been able to, if that’s your goal, or have that big holiday of a lifetime, the one that used to be nothing more than a dream. Dean also talks about styles of investment, tax deductions, and what your financial advisor should be providing you – and what it costs! This book has been written with professionals and business owners in mind.

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! by Dean C. Kendall is an interesting book. Although it is aimed at businesses and professionals, I see no reason why any one of us can’t take something away from it; after all, we all get affected by this kind of thing all the time. It's up to us to decide if we are going to let the financial services industry rule us and ruin us, or whether we are going to take control of our money and our futures back. I found this book to be written in easy to understand language and it was concise and to the point. No fluff, no filler, just straight talking information. This is the kind of book that will be useful to refer back to from time to time, even if just as a reminder that we don’t have to accept everything we are told!

Review # 2 - Review by Jamie Michele

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! by Dean C. Kendall is a book written for business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals who have outlined financial goals and either have or are considering using a financial planner to meet these targets. The guide is geared toward investors in the Canadian marketplace and so it will be those with their sights set on Canada that will find information most pertinent, but the value of Kendall's book with regard to the “fine print” and disclosure requirements will be beneficial to anyone in North America, as much of the information transcends the border.

If you've ever wondered how financial planners, banks, and investment firms make money off portfolios that appear to be allocated in full into the positions selected without payment up front, wonder no more. Kendall goes through, point by point, where investments contain hidden fees and how investors are paying huge commissions that could – instead – be reallocated to the principal balance. The end result is that money that could be yours and earning for you is instead paying for the advice given at the initial purchase.

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! by Dean C. Kendall is an extraordinarily detailed guide that takes a sledgehammer where other similar books have merely scratched the surface, exposing just how much people tend to pay in fees and commissions and how the entire system works. Kendall writes with authority on a subject that is difficult for even the most savvy investor and with a straightforward, no holds barred approach, making it easy to both understand and implement. Highly recommended.

Review # 3 - Review by Ruffina Oserio

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! How To Get Unbiased Advice For The Right Fee So You Can Reach Your Financial Goals Years Earlier by Dean C. Kendall is a timely business book that offers what readers need to know when it comes to getting professional, unbiased financial advice related to investments. From the very beginning the author notes that: “Allowing anyone to hold themselves out as a financial planner leaves Canadians confused and at risk. Half of Canadians believe financial planners are regulated. They are not. The need for unbiased financial advice has never been more urgent…” This book uncovers facts about financial planning, the risks that business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs expose themselves to when, out of the best of intentions, they rush to get advice from financial planners. The author helps readers see how much they can be losing in hidden, repeated fees that could slow their progress towards their goals.

In a tone that is clear and with a no-nonsense approach, Dean C. Kendall helps readers navigate the pitfalls of financial planning and how to avoid them. This author educates readers to be conscious of what they are getting into, to ask the right questions, and to demand for full disclosure when it comes to fees associated with their investments. With clear statistics, figures and graphs, Dean C. Kendall tells consumers and investors what they need to know to make informed decisions related to their investments. Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! is well researched, packed with valuable information, and intelligently articulated. The author writes with the confidence of one who knows what they are talking about. Here is one of those books you need to read before considering where to get help regarding your investment.

Review # 4 - Review by Peggy Jo Wipf

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite

In Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! you will get the experience of Dean C. Kendall, who has worked as a Financial Organizer for over 26 years. His frustration in dealing with clients who had no idea of the unexpected prices they were paying for fees led him to write this book and to start workshops educating people in Canada to make wiser investment choices. He helps to explain what most advisors are hiding and arms you with the knowledge of what a great advisor will offer clients. He also discusses the dreaded taxes that are placed on your money and methods to reduce it. This is one of the most confusing things for investors. He stresses that every dollar paid in fees, commission, and taxes is a dollar less earning a return for your retirement or whatever financial goal you wish to achieve.

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! is well written and lists links for further study to back up the work Dean C. Kendall is doing in his country. The love he has for Canada is obvious as he strives to improve the financial state of people. He is passionate about the honesty of this industry and pushes to advance Canada in the financial world. His work is very comprehensive and I personally took notes to ask my own broker, expecting to see a breakdown of fees charged and to clarify the strategy that best suits my family. Dean C. Kendall blew my mind with how easy it was to hide fees within a portfolio. His simple explanation makes this an ideal read for everyone interested in investments. It should be a mandatory read for high school and college students.

Review # 5 - Review by Renee Guill

Review Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed By Renee Guill for Readers’ Favorite

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! How To Get Unbiased Advice For The Right Fee So You Can Reach Your Financial Goals Years Earlier by Dean C. Kendall is a financial book for people living in Canada, but the concepts could be applicable to a wider audience. He explains what hidden fees are and what a financial advisor does. Dean C. Kendall goes into details about how financial advisors and banks make their money with hidden fees. He also gives you other names they use. He gives you definitions of financial terms as well as info on many different financial institutions. He goes into detail about where all your fees go and what you should look out for.

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! How To Get Unbiased Advice For The Right Fee So You Can Reach Your Financial Goals Years Earlier by Dean C. Kendall is a very informative book. I have to admit I was really surprised it was about Canada. I don’t know much about finances, but I assume this would work for readers in the States. I like how Dean C. Kendall gave us definitions and charts. He even had links to videos. He does a good job explaining things that even a numbers-phobe like me can understand. I really liked how he put all the hidden fees at the end of the book and explained what they were. I liked how Dean Kendall told readers what to look for when searching for a financial advisor, and how there are different names for that job. Maybe some day I will be able to follow his sound advice.

Review # 6 - Finally someone is telling the truth regarding investment fees and their massive costs

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Amazon Customer on September 30, 2018

This book is worth its weight in gold! I feel its a must read for investors of all ages. Now I can stop being ripped off by the banks! I had no idea what I was paying in investment fees now I am clear and can make better decisions.

Review # 7 - Eye-opening book for investors young and old

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Amazon Customer on October 14, 2018

I just finished reading Dean's book. Overall, it was a great read. It was informative and helpful, even for someone in the financial industry. I definitely learned a thing or two. It's really an eye-opening read about the smoke and mirrors of the investment industry. The sooner you read Dean's book, the sooner you'll realize all the money you're needlessly handing over in investment fees.

Review # 8

Reviewed By Matthew Buxton, Business Broker, Advisor & Author of "The 8 Elements Approach to Buying and Selling a Business". 8 Elements Inc.

An engaging and informative read which resonated with me on a personal level as my family has fallen victim to the shady dealings you speak of in your book. A must read for every Canadian and a book I would happily forward onto my clients and family.

Review # 9

Reviewed By Karen Stewart BSc, MBA,CDFA,RFM,C.MED | CEO & Founder Fairway Divorce Solutions®

Dean is incredibly insightful and right on! I believe that if we use his four strategies we can retire earlier with more money in our pockets. It is about time we all said no to paying hidden fees.

Review # 10

Reviewed By Russell Stratton, MA, Chartered MCIPD,MCMI, Leadership Champion, Bluegem Learning

Hold the front page! If you are serious about investing wisely and proactively managaing your money, you need to read this book and learn how ‘hidden fees’ are costing you $0000’s every year. If you area a Financial Advisor you too need to read this book and be more open about how you charge your clients! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dean professionally for a number of years and his plain talking and openness with his clients translates into both exceptional service and money in their pockets. Dean lifts the lid on the world of hidden financial fees and provides you the reader with a wealth of helpful tips and ideas for getting more from your money.

Review # 11

Reviewed By Justin Bobier Owner/President, Crystal Creek Homes

Really this is a book everyone who invests money needs to read. It’s your money you should understand where it’s going!!

Review # 12

Reviewed By Joan Wolf, Major Gifts Officer, Ambrose University

The E-Book is an easy read with very useful inforrmation in what the community needs to know so they can make informed financial decisions no matter what age you are or wealth status. I recommend to anyone to read it.