"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

- Peter Drucker, famous management consultant and guru

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Dean Kendall


Imagine, for the first time, experiencing a one-of-a-kind process that fully integrates and aligns your most important goals (financial and non-financial), with your most deeply held values (the people and things that are most important to you) and then determines how your finances can be arranged to optimize your fulfilment and enjoyment of life.

Imagine the peace of mind & simplicity you will enjoy with an integrated, aligned overarching strategy for every area of your financial life (including banking, family budgeting, bill paying, autos and other major purchases, financial and retirement planning, insurance, accounting and tax minimization, investments and money management, estate planning and more) all integrated into a single strategy that assures that you will achieve your ideal life goals in significantly less time than other methods.

This unique system goes way beyond traditional retirement planning or wealth management. In fact, most of our clients are so active and vital that they never want to retire. They just want to have the option to work when, how and with whom they wish. They often prefer to use the term Financial Independence which can happen at any age. To get there, you just need to make your money go to work, so you don’t have to.

Never forget that your money is there to support your LIFE goals and dreams. That’s why we start with a solid Ideal Life planning process and keep working until you have a crystal clear life plan. Then we go to work on how to support it financially.


With me as your Financial Organizer, you will have the highest probability of achieving what is most important to you, enhancing your quality of life and actualizing your ideal financial future.

Imagine living the life you want, free of financial cares… What would that look like for you? How would it feel to be free of stress and financial worries?

My goal is to ensure that you enjoy the ultimate in wealth…more discretionary time to do the things that are most important to you…now…not in some magical future. Let me show you how we can make it happen.

Consider the possibilities...What would you do with extra free time every month? What would you do with an extra decade free of financial cares?

Schedule your complimentary personal Ideal Life Design Session and experience the difference.

Pick up the phone and call me at (403) 543-7226 or email dean@ideal-life-experience.ca.

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We believe that the first step is always to design your Ideal Life first. Then we look at your income and assets to determine how to best put them to work in service of your goals…and yes, we’ll create a comfortable and workable plan to eliminate your debts…once and for all.

Retirement Planning and Wealth Management is something people rarely want to spend time on. We do it for you so you can stop worrying about vacation savings, education funding, retirement planning and the day-to-day headaches of wealth management.

Whatever financial goals you wish to achieve, you can reach them years earlier by reducing the impact of fees on your investments. Let us do a complimentary “Truth in Fees” analysis for you. You’ll be astounded to learn what you are already paying…and how those fees are stealing your future.

Let’s get together and design the future of your dreams. Whether that means traveling the world, more time with family, or just “kicking back”.

Schedule your complimentary personal Ideal Life Design Session and experience the difference.

Call us right now at (403) 543-7226 or email dean@ideal-life-experience.ca.

Are you tired of navigating the proliferation of financial noise, smoke and mirrors marketing and deluge of titles, brands and services? Their business cards might say “Financial Advisor”, “Financial Planner”, “Wealth Manager”, “Wealth Advisor”, “Private Wealth”, “Private Client Advisor” or even “Trusted Advisor”. You have seen the “brands” of the giant institutions displaying Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Private Wealth and Private Client.

You must learn to ignore these titles and the “brands” of the giant institutions for which they work. IGNORE! IGNORE! IGNORE! These are the tools of distraction and misdirection! The bottom line is that these companies charge HUGE HIDDEN FEES that have a dramatic impact on the amount of time it takes to reach your goals. Let’s have a conversation and I’ll show you how to get where you are going much faster with a single, fair, tax deductible, FLAT FEE.

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Dean Kendall